For change agents

Create a lasting impact with your clients

Science based content, clearly structured programs, an easy-to-use coaching platform that helps you facilitate the development process even when you are not physically present with the team, an app-supported personalized growth journey for each participant, ready-made coaching & training materials you can adjust to your own needs, easily available ongoing support from your personal success coach – all of this makes sure that our coaches deliver lasting impact with their clients and grow their business. An added benefit: joining a community in which e2grow coaches from all over the world inspire and help each other, collaborate, and learn together.

What will you be able to bring your clients?

  • Integrate Clifton Strengths into every aspect of the team or leadership development process
  • Highly effective ready-made (while fully adjustable) programs for team, individual and leadership development that build upon each other
  • Easy access information for and about all team members’ talents to foster better collaboration
  • Lasting change through influencing your participants’ habits and “usual” behavior
  • Evaluation and feedback throughout the program to enable mid-way adjustments
  • A thorough final evaluation report about the impact of the program
  • Scale easily from one team to several or even the whole company

What do we bring you as a coach?

  • Less live coaching and facilitation hours for more impact: saving hours of your life while increasing your income
  • A coaching platform to manage your running programs, plan and send out pre-work and follow-up
  • Ready to use, highly effective pre-designed programs with all necessary materials (session outlines, presentation slides, workbooks, a facilitation manual, communication templates and more)
  • A thorough evaluation report for every team that goes through the program you can use in your sales process
  • Constant companionship from your personal success coach, who offers all the support you might need to successfully run your projects (content design, internal communication, technical help, debriefing after a tough session or just some encouragement - whatever you need)
  • A community of practice of highly experienced internal and external coaches who are willing to help you out and offer their advice or guidance
  • Continuous development through meet-ups, webinars, intervision and supervision session in our community

How our certification is different from other coaching programs?

  • It includes the use of the e2grow platform, your digital co-coach.
  • We don’t just give you content – we also teach you to sell this program, find clients and enhance your sales process in general.
  • It’s not just another certificate to hang on your wall – it is a unique opportunity to grow your business.
  • We focus on the added value you bring to your clients.
  • We take care of you every step of your e2grow journey: you are not on your own anymore.
  • We offer our community continuous development opportunities because we care about your growth.
  • You don’t just gain knowledge and skills. You become part of a worldwide community with the same vision: thriving workplaces.

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