Irish Distillers build strong working relationships and improve their team performance through individual self-development

Enabling smooth expansion of Irish Distillers to support its global ambitions.

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The challenge: lack of clarity on goals, lack of communication and collaboration after expansion

Irish Distillers (IDL) is part of Pernod Ricard (the world's second largest beverage company) and Jameson Irish Whiskey is one of the fastest growing whiskeys in the world. IDL's international communications team is world-class at what it does. With Jameson's accelerated growth internationally and its global ambitions, the company needed to expand its team very quickly and faced several challenges, including a lack of clarity on the team's goals, inefficiencies in processes and procedures, and a lack of communication and collaboration within the team.

Our solution: FUTURENEERZ 3-month High Performing Team program

We launched the 3-month High Performing Team program for the IDL Comms team which consists of 24 people.

This included a one on one coaching session with the team leader and her three direct reports or managers prior to the Comms team session including 24 people. The team session focused on developing their self-awareness and the impact they have on others. It helps them build strong partnerships and cultivate a growth mindset and high performing team culture. The entire team on-boarded the e2grow platform prior to the session and given customized tasks to help them with individual self-development and team performance. e2grow helps them embed the real change in the team by creating new habits and routines every day.

The results: improved working relationships coupled with new ways of working and a new management rhythm

  1. Through a common (strengths) language and ‘CoffeeSyncs’ - better communication / collaboration / better working relationships were enabled in the team.
  2. New ways of working and a new management rhythm emerged that changed conversations so that the team performed better.
  3. The mindset of managers and teams changed, creating new daily routines (via e2grow) that led to behavior change and "stickiness" between coaching and team meetings. Managers' confidence in their coaching skills increased.


Michelle Bourton, Marketing manager, Studio, International marketing at Irish Distillers:

I am very grateful - what a gift has been given to us personally and professionally.

Sadhbh Marron, Global marketing manager – Jameson Whiskey at Irish Distillers:

Thank you so much! Such and incredibly reflective and motivating session. Looking forward to instilling the growth mindset further.

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