For internal coaches

Bring growth culture into your organization

Desire to develop your coworkers’ potential? Even if “internal coach” is not your job title, you can make a shift in your organization’s culture. The e2grow platform can offer a clear, effective structure you can apply to your organization. We certify professionals of different backgrounds in the use of a variety of ready-made training programs, upgrade your coaching skills, introduce you to our coaching app and coaching tools and a mobile app to support your coworkers’ growth. Added benefit of being an e2grow culture coach? Ongoing assistance from our success partners and a growing community of practice!

What can we do for your company?

  • A shared language that underpins the culture of the company
  • Invite a big culture shift through gentle, but consistent nudges
  • Integrating Clifton Strengths into every aspect of the development process
  • Individualized insights into how to work with each of your coworkers
  • Highly effective ready-made (while fully adjustable) programs for team, individual and leadership development that build upon each other
  • A reliable nudging system that fosters building healthy individual productivity and team communication habits
  • A well-structured, thoroughly tested path of individual, team and business development you can adapt to your company’s needs

What do we bring you as a coach?

  • A coaching platform to manage your running programs, pre-work and follow-up
  • A thorough evaluation report for every team that goes through the program
  • Constant companionship from your personal success coach, who offers all the support you might need to successfully run your projects (content design, internal communication, technical help, debriefing after a tough session or just some encouragement - whatever you need)
  • A community of practice of highly experienced internal and external coaches who are willing to help you out and offer their advice or guidance
  • Continuous development through meet-ups, webinars, intervision and supervision session in our community

How are we different from everyone else?

  • Our methodology has been tested with hundreds of teams and proven highly successful
  • We build a system that enables real, sustainable change
  • Our technology enables big impact with a lesser investment of coach’s time and effort
  • It’s not a one-off workshop or a short term project – the new ways of working together become integrated in the backbone of your organization and revolutionize your company culture
  • We don’t talk about the theory – we invite action that brings results